Eating and Repacking in Rubber Boat


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In this very dirty scat porn video, I’m playing in my dearly beloved rubber shorty and shitting a massive load of my shit into my yellow play boat. Asides from smearing my ass, dick, face, and feet with the brown and pervalicious mass produced by my healthy body, I’m chewing well and eating slowly the whole load of my boy caviar, piece by piece, till my stomach is full of my own shit and the digestive circle can start for the second time. After being sated and feeling great because of having managed to swallow the entire two-days shit load, I’m bringing a feeding bowl full of solid turds into the game. With my repacking toy, I’m filling all turds at once back into my ass and deep up into my colon before bearing a king-sized monster turd. After giving birth to the wonderful shit log, I’m proudly presenting the giant piece of shit to you guys out there and caressing it, making myself even more dirtier with shit and some piss, chilling and relaxing messed up from head to toe while fingering my shitty asshole, and splashing an awesome cum load all over the wonderful turd in the food bowl.

Full Video Length: 01:16:36 hours
File Size: 2.71 GB


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