HornyKinkyBoy’s Shit in a Condom

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Here you can get HornyKinkyBoy’s shit in a condom. The condom gets delivered in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag to avoid that any fluid or smell escapes. For additional safety, the vacuum-sealed plastic bag gets wrapped in a plastic rubbish bag.

Cooling Packaging: You may select this option which includes a 100% recyclable and non-odorous fleece bag and 2 cooling elements which keeps the contents cool for approx. 2-3 days.

Premium Plastic Box: You may select this option to replace the vacuum-sealed plastic bag through a high quality plastic box to avoid that any fluid or smell escapes.

This product is stocked in the freezer to make it durable. If you like the product in unfrozen condition, please contact us to check the availability. Depending on demand, it may delay the delivery for a certain time. Please note, that the regular price applies for the unfrozen condition, not the sales price!

All orders will be shipped in a neutral packaging and with a discreet sender’s name.

16 reviews for HornyKinkyBoy’s Shit in a Condom

  1. BusterBrown

    You can’t ship to the U.S., so all I can do is look and salivate. Oh, how I wish I could open my mailbox and find your shit in a box and cum in a condom. I order a lot of meals by delivery, and this would be the ultimate meal.

  2. Jabitte (verified owner)

    Deine scheisse schmeckt einfach lecker.
    Man kann einfach nicht genug davon haben

  3. Jabitte (verified owner)

    Ich muss sagen das die scheisse im gummi sehr lecker war.Allein der duft macht mich geil.
    Ich war glücklich das gummi zuerst lutschen und nachher ausfgemacht und die kacke rein im mund
    Habe das Kondom sauber geleckt

  4. Dirk (verified owner)

    Immer wieder geil, wenn man die Scheissegummis von Hornykinkyboy öffnet…. Schmecken einfach saulecker und lassen sich gut abschlucken! Gerade heute wieder ein Gummi bekommen und kann es kaum abwarten seine geile Scheisse wegzufressen!!! Danke!

  5. Jens (verified owner)

    Verdammt geile Scheiße in deinem Kondom! Genau die richtige Konsistenz!
    Vielen Dank, werde noch öfter ordern!

  6. taureau4 (verified owner)

    Excellente merde que j ai étale sur ma gueule et mon corps. Bonne branle merdeuse. Je le recommande à tout le monde. Ouvrir le paquet était aussi très excitant. Je remets ça très vite!

  7. Tim83 (verified owner)

    Schnelle Leieferung, perfekter Service und saugeile Scheiße!
    Unvergleichbarer Moment das gefüllte Kondom in der Hand zu haben, und der total krasse Moment wenn man das Kondom öffnet und die scheiße genießen kann! Vielen Dank HKB! ? Werde noch öfter bei dir bestellen.

  8. forster (verified owner)

    Ein riesengroßes, verschissenes Danke für die promte Lieferung , deiner köstlichen Scheisse!!!
    Trotz sehr hoher Sommertemperaturen und ein paar Tage per Post unterwegs, gab es absolut keinen Qualitätsverlust!!!!
    Ich hab gleich einen Gummi leer gefressen, schmeckt einfach nur saugut! Auf jeden Fall werde ich mir sicher weiterhin die Scheisse bestellen!!!
    Shit kiss,

  9. biguy106 (verified owner)

    I’m in the UK. I ordered a shit filled condom (frozen type) from Hornykinkyboy which arrived safely and very well and discretly packaged. The build up in opening the package was intense to find this condom full of his shit inside. Imediately got poppered-up and spent ages sucking the condom feeling the shit move about inside. I then cut the tip off the condom and started sucking the shit out – had two delicious sessions/meals before it had all gone. Will definitely order again and Hornykinkyboy was excellent in giving me details so I could track the package on it’s way to me.

  10. David (verified owner)

    I had 2 more shit condoms delivered from HornyKinkyBoy, along with a smeared up black rubber hood. I have used one condom already, having a totally wild time with it, licking on it, sucking it and then when it burst having it all over me and jerking off covered by masses of his shit. In a few days I am going to have another wild orgy with the other one.


  11. gomer0815 (verified owner)

    Ich kann mich scatffotze nur anscließen: die Scheiße von HKB in den Gummis ist megageil! Dazu noch super netter Service vor dem Versand. Was will man als Scatliebhaber mehr?

  12. David (verified owner)

    I have just received the delivery from hornykinkyboy of his shit-filled condom. It is so horny. The condom is stuffed full of harder and soft shit. I am going to have a totally wild session. I am already sucking on the teat of the condom, knowing that less than a millimeter away there is an avalanche of totally amazing shit ready to rain down on me. One bight and it will be pouring all over me. I am licking the condom all over, going wild at the smell that is starting to come from the shit inside. I am about to have a mindblowing smearing session.
    All the time I am imagining hornykinkyboy sqatting over me. Because playing with his shit is the next best thing to being his toilet directly.

  13. scatffotze (verified owner)

    I ordered his shit filled condoms second time and they came in an airtight box. Great!
    His shit were more than delicious! Fantastic taste and smell and it was a great pleasure to empty both bulging filled condoms!
    If it were possible I would eat his shit each day! Five stars!

  14. scatffotze (verified owner)

    Schnell geliefert, perfekt verpackt in einer Plastikbox!
    Auch ich kann die Scheiße von HKB sehr empfehlen – jeder Bissen ein Hochgenuß!
    Die Kacke war frisch abgefüllt in den Gummis und dadurch sehr köstlich und cremig, roch und schmeckte fantastisch.
    Perfekt zum Schmieren und Abschlucken und ich werde mit Sicherheit noch mehr Scheißgummis bestellen, denn diese braune Köstlichkeit ist zu schade zum wegspülen!

  15. pigMOUTH (verified owner)

    orderd 2 filled condoms. came in airthight box. great taste ate them both.
    love his shit.

  16. Bobby (verified owner)

    Ordered shit filled condom to uk arrived to me in airtight container in first class condition.Shit was lovely and soft and smelt and tasted amazing,perfect to smear my body will be buying again!!

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