Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave Vol. 3


This is the full length and downloadable version of “Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave Vol. 3” in HD quality!

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This is the third volume of the “Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave“ series. Master Kevin presents three delicious looking condoms with brown content and one with yellow content in a dog food bowl and his human toilet has to smell and suck them before he gets degraded to be the footstool for Kevin’s kinky waders while he is relaxing on the rim chair and kneading his rubber jock’s bulge. Now Kevin has to decompress his rectum and dumps a first portion of his poop into his toilet and forces him to swallow with a spoon. While laying on the back on the rim chair Kevin unloads his colon completely and the sewer slut is rimming the brown poop hole, eating some of the warm boy shit, smearing the shit all over Kevin’s butt and latex outfit, and sucking the shitty uncut dick happily. In the last scene Kevin prepares a perverted piss and shit shake in a self-made feeding gadget for liquid excrements for his hungry and thirsty toilet. He really enjoyed the boy fecal brew and showed Kevin his thankfulness by shooting his load while having a great orgasm.

Full Video Length: 39:21 minutes
File Size: 789 MB


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