Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave Vol. 5


This is the full length and downloadable version of “Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave Vol. 5” in HD quality!

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This is the fifth volume of the “Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave“ series. HornyKinkyBoy’s rubber slave serves under the rim chair and drinks his piss, swallows his spit, and gets forced to eat his shit. Once the perverted toilet fag consumed all the freshly produced and tasty body products served by his twink master, he needs to swallow two condoms full of brown boy poop. For the force feeding part, the shit eating slave wears a homemade gag with a funnel. The greedy and hungry scat toilet gets humiliated with a mixture of the first shit condom and some piss and water. After getting abused, fed, and smeared with the second shit condom, the young top dumps a massive load of white cream all over the totally messed up rubber masked slave’s head. In the last scene, the cum and shit mixture gets deeply stuffed from the pig’s face down the throat with a bottle brush till he can’t hold back his ejaculation and orgasm anymore.

Full Video Length: 56:49 minutes
File Size: 2.6 GB


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