HornyKinkyBoy Eats His Master’s Excrements

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This is the full length and downloadable version of “HornyKinkyBoy Eats His Master’s Excrements” in HD quality!

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HornyKinkyBoy received a package with each a condom filled with shit, cum, and piss and prepared his yellow rubber shit boat so that he can play and get dirty inside while wearing his black latex shirt and kinky rubber waders for his new master who sent him the delicious meal. Greedy and hungry as always, he eats the entire scat condom while thinking of his new excrement donator. Moreover, he swallows his master’s cum, tastes his urine and fucks his shitty fag cunt with a dildo after dumping his own load and smearing himself for getting a nice piggy touch. Many thanks to my master for his tasty feces! 🙂

Full Video Length: 34:26 minutes
File Size: 1.26 GB

2 reviews for HornyKinkyBoy Eats His Master’s Excrements

  1. Nolimitextremslave

    I’m a slave. I’m interested in playing-being a slave in a totally extreme porn movie. Slave + 3extreme Masters. Dirty, swallow smegma, swallow shit from condoms, swallow shit straight from the hole, enema mix shit-piss, then drink this enema, hard fuck, absolute extreme.

  2. Anonymous

    Best shit pig!

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