HornyKinkyBoy, the Young Filth Lover

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In this dirty gay scat porn HornyKinkyBoy showing you what a perverted rubber filth lover he is. The session begins with pissing his sweet boy piss all over his beautiful boy feet and drinking the warm piss from the ground of his play pool before he presenting his collected goodies (one big defrosted turd in a box, one shit condom, one piss condom, and one cum condom). Then he is vomiting, emptying the piss condom in his thirsty pig mouth, pissing all over his rubbered body, playing and wanking with the shit tube and with his puke, and getting always dirtier and dirtier. Next he is shitting a solid turd, putting it into his hungry puke mouth and eating some of it followed by some pissing and puking again. The next practice on his to do list is worshipping his awesome asshole with the fingers of his shitty rubber gloves and with one of his dildos. It makes the impression that he is riding himself on the dildo to heaven. After his pussy is stretched enough he is packing the shit condom into his stinky anal canal, eating a bit of the defrosted turd, rubbing his fat uncut dick together with the shitty dildo, coating his gorgeous looking feet with the mixture of piss, shit, spit, snot, and vomit from the play pool’s ground, shitting the repacked scat tube. For all food lovers out there he is swallowing some gummy bears soused with the messy mixture from the play pool’s ground and playing with an apple which got stuffed into his slut before pressing it back out. On top of all the previously stated practices he is repacking all available shit and other bodily fluids into his sewer hole followed by emptying his sewer hole for you, swallowing the well filled cum condom, hot scenes where his beautiful scat feet are involved, heavy excrement smearing scenes, and a wonderful orgasm and cumshot at the end of this fantastic gay scat porn.

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1 review for HornyKinkyBoy, the Young Filth Lover

  1. hotforu51

    He is fantastic. I would eat his shit, drink his piss, tongue fuck his shifty ass hole, eat, lick and suck the shit off his gorgeous feet and toes. Last but not least suck his beautiful shitty cock until he explodes in my mouth. Definitely let him shit in my mouth.

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