HornyKinkyBoy’s Human Toilet

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This is the full length and downloadable version of “HornyKinkyBoy’s Human Toilet” in HD quality!

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HornyKinkyBoy, a handsome rubber skater twink, met with a filthy and very hungry rubber pig to feed and to humiliate him to his personal toilet. The toilet slave is rimming his scat master’s shitty asshole till he gets the brown dinner served. With his shit smeared face, he is happily sucking HornyKinkyBoy’s big and uncut dick, drinking his warm boy piss, and swallowing some of his white spit. Then, when HornyKinkyBoy is empty and the toilet whore finished the first scat meal of the day and is messed up with feces all over, the two dirty mates are moving their little scat party to the bathroom. The horny shit feeding and smearing session continues with two condoms full of boy scat. The shit eater is now wearing a brown rubber hood and gets shackled and fixed to avoid any escape from the upcoming forced feeding training and the even more perverted abuse by young scat top. The scat eating rubber fag now also has to worship HornyKinkyBoy’s white sport socks as part of the sleazy play.

Full Video Length: 01:07:10 hours
File Size: 2.98 GB

1 review for HornyKinkyBoy’s Human Toilet

  1. Kinkyraunchy

    Man !! That as intense and full!!!

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