Messy Rubber Boat Slurry Cruise


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Dressed up with a cock ring and a latex top HornyKinkyBoy presents all necessary ingredients for having a messy rubber boat slurry cruise which consists of a piece of a solid defrosted turd, a box full of stinky boy shit collected during the past days, a box with two kilograms of sleazy cow shit, and a bucket with six kilograms of relatively dry horse shit. The young slurry boy puts on his black rubber gloves and starts with pissing into the horse shit bucket, smearing his face with the solid turd and eating some pieces of it, fucking with his big uncut dick into the cow shit box and smearing and wanking with the sleazy mass followed by taking care of the horse slurry bucket and the old boy excrements in the box. Then he pours a bottle full of boy piss into the horse shit bucket, digs it up with his slurry gloves, empties the horse slurry bucket all over his body, and pulls the emptied bucket over his head to enjoy the manure smell inside. Next he messes up himself heavily, shows his beautiful and stinky slurry feet, makes lots of very horny close up recordings of his thick besmeared slurry scat face, and squeezes the liquid manure out of the horse droppings. In the next scene HornyKinkyBoy smears the remaining sleazy cow slurry all over his slim body, forms a manure heap, and fucks into it. Now it’s time to start the slurry condom production for ScatFFotze! He ordered two big boxes filled with the remaining feces, body fluids, and manure of this slurry and scat video production and some bulging condoms thereof. After the condoms are successfully crammed HornyKinkyBoy wanks his sleazy slurry dick till he experiences an incredible orgasm while shooting his hot cream over his manured body.

Full Video Length: 01:19:03 hours
File Size: 1.1 GB


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