Saved Shit Play in Rubber Boat


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HornyKinkyBoy collected his two-weeks shit in condoms and two huge cumshots in another condom for this dirty human shit orgy in his yellow toilet boat. He exposes the nine bulging sausages of his saved shit and the semen condom in a feeding bowl followed by shitting a load of fresh shit from which he ingests the firmer parts. After the shit lunch he pours the old sperm load into his toilet mouth and down his throat. After making his wonderful shit hole ready for scat recycling by punching it with a dildo, the young brown rubber and sweatpants wearing pig slut fills up his colon with the saved poop and dumps the huge, steaming, and smelling turds into the bowl till the bowl is full to the top. In the further course, you can also enjoy some feet and socks fun, much more dildo play, deep colon examination with a colon snake, chewing and eating some of the old recycled mass of brown body waste, and having a heavy ejaculation from this perverted rubber boat scat party.

Full Video Length: 01:25:00 hours
File Size: 2.7 GB


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