Sleazy Cow Slurry Play in Waders


This is the full length and downloadable version of “Sleazy Cow Slurry Play in Waders” in HD quality!

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Since HornyKinkyBoy took his first bath in cow shit he is addicted to it and can’t stop playing with it. Due to this he satisfies himself with a container full of sleazy cow manure today. He dunks his uncut dick deep into the box and stirs the cow shit inside, digs the slurry with his heavy black gloves, and adds his human piss and shit for getting liquid manure. Meanwhile he is already covered by that wonderful green brown mass completely and starts fucking into the manure container. He is messing around in his kinky play pool like in a farm’s stable or on a dungheap, peeling his young skin and his nasty rubber gear with manure, and films his besmeared slim body and his incredible horny waders closely with his camera. In the final take he dives with a black rubber hood into the cow slurry box before the shoots his white cream onto his brown and sleazy leg while laying sideways in the kinky play pool with his head in the cow shit container.

Full Video Length: 01:02:23 hours
File Size: 1.24 GB


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