The “Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave” Bundle


This are the full length and downloadable versions of “Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave Vol. 1”, “Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave Vol. 2”, “Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave Vol. 3”, “Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave Vol. 4”, and “Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave Vol. 5” in HD quality!

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This HornyKinkyBoy Scat Movie Bundle includes 5 extreme dirty scat videos for only 99.95 EUR instead of 159.75 EUR when buying them as single videos at the regular price. You save 59.80 EUR with this special package!


Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave Vol. 1

Master Kevin alias HornyKinkyBoy is feeding a rubber toilet slave with a portion of his horny boy shit. Kevin’s submissive toilet pig getting abused in many different ways like drinking his salty master piss, eating his creamy and warm master shit from underneath the scat toilet’s own rim chair, chewing and eating his master shit intensively and closely to the camera, sucking his fat master dick, rimming his sweet master ass, and getting fed with a spoon and a cleaning brush.

Full Video Length: 42:35 minutes
File Size: 659 MB


Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave Vol. 2

This is the second volume of the “Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave“ series. Master Kevin is feeding his shit hungry rubber toilet slave with an amazing load of his delicious looking and tasting shit while wearing his hot rubber shorty and his horny waders. Kevin shits the first part of his big shit into the rubber scat pig’s toilet mouth directly and feeds him with a spoon. In between he gets some water into his shit mouth to flush down the remaining shit. Then Kevin sits down on the shit eater’s self-made toilet chair which has a toilet bowl made of transparent plastic in the middle, shits the second part of his big shit into the bowl, wanks his dick while watching him chewing and eating the shit out of the bowl, and adds some boy piss into the toilet bowl. After the shit eating toilet appeased his hunger for shit he jerks off. At the end of this horny shit feeding video, rubber master Kevin is shooting his huge cum load between his waders onto the floor.

Full Video Length: 31:05 minutes
File Size: 482 MB


Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave Vol. 3

This is the third volume of the “Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave“ series. Master Kevin presents three delicious looking condoms with brown content and one with yellow content in a dog food bowl and his human toilet has to smell and suck them before he gets degraded to be the footstool for Kevin’s kinky waders while he is relaxing on the rim chair and kneading his rubber jock’s bulge. Now Kevin has to decompress his rectum and dumps a first portion of his poop into his toilet and forces him to swallow with a spoon. While laying on the back on the rim chair Kevin unloads his colon completely and the sewer slut is rimming the brown poop hole, eating some of the warm boy shit, smearing the shit all over Kevin’s butt and latex outfit, and sucking the shitty uncut dick happily. In the last scene Kevin prepares a perverted piss and shit shake in a self-made feeding gadget for liquid excrements for his hungry and thirsty toilet. He really enjoyed the boy fecal brew and showed Kevin his thankfulness by shooting his load while having a great orgasm.

Full Video Length: 39:21 minutes
File Size: 789 MB


Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave Vol. 4

This is the fourth volume of the “Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave“ series. HornyKinkyBoy’s scat slave is sleeping on the play area till he gets awaken by his master’s gumboots and a warm golden shower rain. Since its early in the morning and already breakfast time, HornyKinkyBoy dumps the first taste of the upcoming shit meal into the rubber pig’s hungry sewer mouth before he is feeding the shit hungry toilet fag with a spoon, his fingers, and with his fat uncut dick. Furthermore, the brown rubber toilet pig gets humiliated and forced to chew, eat, and swallow HornyKinkyBoy’s tasty master shit, sucking his brown scat cock, licking the wellies smeared with poop, drinking his piss, and eating his spit and cum before he is allowed to jerk off and continue with his sleep on the messy playground.

Full Video Length: 43:33 minutes
File Size: 902 MB


Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave Vol. 5

This is the fifth volume of the “Feeding the Rubber Toilet Slave“ series. HornyKinkyBoy’s rubber slave serves under the rim chair and drinks his piss, swallows his spit, and gets forced to eat his shit. Once the perverted toilet fag consumed all the freshly produced and tasty body products served by his twink master, he needs to swallow two condoms full of brown boy poop. For the force feeding part, the shit eating slave wears a homemade gag with a funnel. The greedy and hungry scat toilet gets humiliated with a mixture of the first shit condom and some piss and water. After getting abused, fed, and smeared with the second shit condom, the young top dumps a massive load of white cream all over the totally messed up rubber masked slave’s head. In the last scene, the cum and shit mixture gets deeply stuffed from the pig’s face down the throat with a bottle brush till he can’t hold back his ejaculation and orgasm anymore.

Full Video Length: 56:49 minutes
File Size: 2.6 GB


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