The “Nappy” Bundle

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This HornyKinkyBoy Scat Movie Bundle includes 7 extreme dirty scat videos for only 119.95 EUR instead of 184.65 EUR when buying them as single videos at the regular price. You save 64.70 EUR with this special package!!

Blond Nappy Skater Plays with Poop
HornyKinkyBoy loves to play with stinking shit condoms in his rubber boat. For this video shooting, he freshly bleached his hair for being a blond adult baby wearing baggy pants with a nappy underneath, a HornyKinkyBoy fan t-shirt, and black AF1 with white sox inside. He smears and wanks with shit, swallows some, pisses, fucks himself with a brown double dildo, and jerks off at the end.

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Full Video Length: 30:48 minutes
File Size: 1.1 GB

Diaper Scat Fetish
The kinky nappy pig wears a black latex hood along with a rubber collar around his neck, a shirt with a rubber harness over it, sport trackies with a nappy underneath it, a steel ring around his cock and balls, and phat skate shoes combined with white sox. The adult baby boy shits into his nappy while playing with two condoms full of horny boy shit. Pissing around, shit eating and smearing, wrapping the shitty diaper tight around his head till he can’t breathe anymore, and fucking his brown and dirty pig hole with a black double dong are further activities in his kinky play. Then he starts ripping his clothes from his body. Only the skater sneaks, the nappy, and the rubber gear stays intact. Next he turns his attention on his beautiful boy feet and he is sniffing and sucking his crappy skate shoes before having a great orgasm.

Full Video Length: 01:13:10 hours
File Size: 2.35 GB

Diaper Skater Boy in Scat Heaven
A sexy young diaper skater boy is living out his scat fetish. You will see this dirty diaper pig having a lot of nasty fun like sniffing his smelly skater sneaks, pissing and shitting into diaper, a lot of kinky shit smearing all over his beautiful slim body, stretching his young shit hole till getting a beautiful shitty rosebud, worshipping his brown boy nipples, having lots of fun with his horny skater feet, licking and eating some of his tasty boy shit out of the nappy, and much more filthy stuff before having a great orgasm and squirting a cum load onto his dirty scat feet and the messed up diaper.

Full Video Length: 59:16 minutes
File Size: 909 MB

Diapered Scat Feet Dreams
A barefooted, diapered, geared up, and gas masked skater proll plays with three shit condoms in a yellow rubber boat and excessively lives out his kinks. The focus in this gay foot fetish scat vid is on the horny guy’s extremely sexy, smooth, and big boy feet which gets covered in shit from their smooth soles to their long and massive toes. Additionally, it is about adult baby play, so to say pooping into a nappy and smearing and wanking with it. Didn’t you already dreamed about a young lad who lives out his passions for diapers, feet, gear, and scat too? Dreams can come true! 😀

Full Video Length: 45:51 minutes
File Size: 1.95 GB

Horny Diaper Skater Gets Dirty and Wet
Cute proll skater twink plays in his yellow dinghy and makes himself filthy and wet. He wears a nappy underneath his sweatpants along with a black tee shirt and black AFO’s with white sport sox. The adult baby skater pisses all over his belly and his black tee, shits into the diaper, eats some of his poop, fucks his hole with a dildo and stuffs anal balls into it, swallows a huge condom with rank boy piss, and shoots his cum load onto the shitty nappy.

Full Video Length: 48:28 minutes
File Size: 1.32 GB

Nappy Shit Skater
Happy nappy twink in sports gear loves nothing more than playing with his horny excrements and his beautiful skater feet in his yellow shit boat. He sniffs his smelly shoes, pukes some throat slime onto his hoody and his sweatpants, dumps a huge load into his diaper, and fucks his dirty butthole with a dildo. You will also see this kinky skater fag eating shit and drinking piss as part of his self-humiliation and doing a lot of shit smearing and very hot scat foot fetish stuff.

Full Video Length: 01:09:02 hours
File Size: 1.06 GB

Nasty Nappy Pooper
Young diaper boy wearing sneaks and socks only playing with a shit filled condom in his yellow rubber boat. After making himself extremely horny he dumps his load into his nappy and smears his slim and smooth body with smelly poop. During his dirty scat play he enjoys one of his dildos and makes himself cum two times.

Full Video Length: 34:41 minutes
File Size: 694 MB

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