The “Rubber Boat” Bundle 1

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This HornyKinkyBoy Scat Movie Bundle includes 10 extreme dirty scat videos for only 169.95 EUR instead of 269.50 EUR when buying them as single videos at the regular price. You save 99.55 EUR with this special package!

A Young Scat Boy’s Brown Satisfaction
A young, cute, and extreme kinky shit lover is living out his most perverted brown scat fantasies until achieving his completely sexual satisfaction by milking the juice out of his dick. Watch this hot rubber scat pig sucking and worshipping a condom filled with his stinky shit, squeezing a portion of appetizing crap out of his pink arsehole, stuffing the scat condom into his butt before pressing it out, licking and swallowing some of the freshly dumped and the saved shit from the condom, covering his beautiful body with his awesome stinking poop, pissing into his own mouth and all over his shit smeared body, and presenting his wonderful boy feet and sucking piss and shit from the soles and toes. If you take your time to watch the full video, you will certainly see much more brown and fucking hot stuff you will like!

Full Video Length: 56:42 minutes
File Size: 876 MB

Dirty Anal Play in Rubber Boat
HornyKinkyBoy dressed with a rubber shorty and a rubber hood and his boyfriend dressed with a rubber jock and a gas mask having dirty fun in HornyKinkyBoy’s filthy rubber boat. HornyKinkyBoy is sniffing and licking smelly sox and feet, sucking, getting pissed and swallowing some of the boy piss, packing a banana into his partner’s hole, rimming, worshipping his friend’s ass with his big uncut dick, getting fucked, and jerking off after eating his boyfriend’s cum.

Full Video Length: 20:32 minutes
File Size: 318 MB

Dirty Scat Sex in Rubber Boat
HornyKinkyBoy has some dirty scat sex with his boyfriend in his dirty rubber boat. HornyKinkyBoy gets fucked into his shit filled boy slut until dumping his load on his boyfriends dick, plays with his hole, has a lot of rimming fun with his boyfriends shit smeared asshole, gives his boyfriend his first scat repacking experience, sucks his boyfriends shit covered cock, gets fucked again in doggy style position before getting repacked and fucked again into the repacked butthole before squeezing the repacked boy chocolate out of his hole, and a lot of other dirty scat fun like smearing, eating, and of course squirting their boy cum loads.

Full Video Length: 29:55 minutes
File Size: 465 MB

Extreme Rubber Boat Scat Repacking
A young rubber scat boy worships his smelly white sox and his sweaty boy feet before he prepares his scat collection for some amazing repacking fun. The scat boy’s excrement collection contains six different types of saved shit (two saved turds in plastic containers and four scat condoms) plus one load of fresh shit in his boy slut. Can you imagine what an extreme dirty and horny shit repacking session the young gay scat boy will have with in total seven different types of shit? He is licking and eating some of the feces, smearing and messing up himself heavily, sucking his smelly shit covered toes, plugging an orange into his filthy shit hole, repacking all of the shit available back into his stinky colon several times, dumping extreme huge repacked turds, softening the dried up shit on his slim body with piss, producing his own “scat sausages”, and much more kinky stuff.

Full Video Length: 01:00:22 hours
File Size: 929 MB

Kinky Guy into Stinky Poo Mission
Naked boy is sniffing and sucking a condom full of stinky poo and a taste of yellow boy piss before removing his awesome smelly white sox after taking a quick sniff and presenting his very very big, sexy, and cheesy boy feet. Now the real fun may begin: The young scat pork fetches a huge turd of saved shit produced a few days ago, pleasurable sucks that firm piece of crap, and smears his beautiful face with it before taking care of his bulging ass which gets smeared and fisted after pushing out a hot turd. The dirty shit lover is covering his slim body with poo, stuffing the piss and scat condom into his hungry hole, packing the fresh and saved shit with his repacking toy back into his ass, cleaning the repacking machine with his tongue, sniffing and licking his sweaty armpits, eating and playing with the shit in the condom, dumping a fat repacked turd and licking and swallowing it before having an amazing orgasm and jerking into the shit in his hand. After a short brake the horny scat boy is jerking off a second time.

Full Video Length: 56:17 minutes
File Size: 867 MB

Messy Rubber Boat Scat Cruise
Take this opportunity and join a young gay scat boy on a messy rubber boat scat cruise. You can enjoy a lot of really perverted action like playing with huge amounts of defrosted saved shit (2 fat turds in a box, 5 bulging shit condoms, and 1 box filled with a a few different flavors of boy shit), dumping a fresh 3-days portion of tasty brown boy caviar, fucking into the shit filled box, sucking shit condoms, plugging a fat shit tube into the stinky hole, few kinky repacking scenes with tons of stinky scat and giant loads coming out of the repacked hole afterwards, extreme perverted scat smearing, worshipping the dirty boy feet with a thick shit coating, and a lot of messy scat play before having an extreme horny and very dirty orgasm. Who of you would like to help the young shit pig to clean up his extremely shit covered body and the messed up rubber boat?

Full Video Length: 48:34 minutes
File Size: 750 MB

Messy Rubber Boat Slurry Cruise
Dressed up with a cock ring and a latex top HornyKinkyBoy presents all necessary ingredients for having a messy rubber boat slurry cruise which consists of a piece of a solid defrosted turd, a box full of stinky boy shit collected during the past days, a box with two kilograms of sleazy cow shit, and a bucket with six kilograms of relatively dry horse shit. The young slurry boy puts on his black rubber gloves and starts with pissing into the horse shit bucket, smearing his face with the solid turd and eating some pieces of it, fucking with his big uncut dick into the cow shit box and smearing and wanking with the sleazy mass followed by taking care of the horse slurry bucket and the old boy excrements in the box. Then he pours a bottle full of boy piss into the horse shit bucket, digs it up with his slurry gloves, empties the horse slurry bucket all over his body, and pulls the emptied bucket over his head to enjoy the manure smell inside. Next he messes up himself heavily, shows his beautiful and stinky slurry feet, makes lots of very horny close up recordings of his thick besmeared slurry scat face, and squeezes the liquid manure out of the horse droppings. In the next scene HornyKinkyBoy smears the remaining sleazy cow slurry all over his slim body, forms a manure heap, and fucks into it. Now it’s time to start the slurry condom production for ScatFFotze! He ordered two big boxes filled with the remaining feces, body fluids, and manure of this slurry and scat video production and some bulging condoms thereof. After the condoms are successfully crammed HornyKinkyBoy wanks his sleazy slurry dick till he experiences an incredible orgasm while shooting his hot cream over his manured body.

Full Video Length: 01:19:03 hours
File Size: 1.1 GB

Rubber Boat Pig Play
HornyKinkyBoy is humiliating ScatFFotze as his scat pig, his scat fist slave, and his personal human toilet. The two rubber pigs starting the video shooting in the rubber boat with sniffing and sucking two of HornyKinkyBoy’s condoms filled with his tasty boy shit while ScatFFotze is pumping his dick followed by rimming HornyKinkyBoy’s dirty shit hole in various horny positions, dumping a two-days load into ScatFFotze’s hungry pig mouth, and feeding him all the delicious shit with the help of his red slurry gloves and his big uncut dick. After HornyKinkyBoy’s toilet slave satisfactorily swallowed his first meal he gets heavily fisted in different positions, with different gloves, and with and without his pump on his cock. In the next extremely hot scene HornyKinkyBoy is feeding ScatFFotze again with some of the shit condoms after pissing into his shitty mouth. HornyKinkyBoy taking some of his saved shit into his mouth and spitting it into ScatFFotze’s hungry toilet mouth, feeding him another condom, cramming the shit with his hard dick and his red slurry gloves deeply into his throat, smearing up his head and his rubber gear with shit, and pissing all over him until he can’t hold back his orgasm and his cum load anymore. In the last scene the two remaining scat condoms getting repacked into ScatFFotze’s well fisted slut and HornyKinkyBoy is shooting his load onto the completely messed up ScatFFotze. Thanks to ScatFFotze for serving as my shit eating fist pig!

Full Video Length: 01:00:38 hours
File Size: 937 MB

Shit Repacking Fantasies
One of HornyKinkyBoy’s greatest passion is shit repacking. HornyKinkyBoy opens one of his horniest scat repacking sessions while sitting in his rubber boat and wearing his beloved sleeveless rubber top with presenting two big solid turds of his shit collection, slathering his hot body with old shit, crafting a giant fat turd out of the two single turds and hugging it, shitting a fresh log, and enjoying it in his mouth and with his tongue before the really extreme fun may begin. The young gay shit lover is repacking all the shit into his hungry asshole, eating a shitty banana in between, making his body browner and browner through a lot of horny shit smearing, pushing the previously repacked turd out of his boy cunt, playing with it, repacking, dumping, and loving the fat turd a few more times before pressing the hole shit with his scat repacking pump into a condom and making himself a great orgasm including an amazing cumshot.

Full Video Length: 54:24 minutes
File Size: 830 MB

Turd Repacking Play in Rubber and Waders
An attractive, young rubber scat boy enjoys to repack four defrosted turds and two shit tubes into his fecal cunt. The rubber pig stuffs turd for turd into his scat repacking toy and squeezes the stinky boy excrements deep into his hungry asshole and up into his colon. After his rectum is properly stuffed, he dumps giant monster turds as result of the successful repacking. As you can inevitably hear and see, repacking his ass with big amounts of crap gives this pig the ultimative thrill. During the awesome shit repacking session, the young poop lovers’s rubber catsuit, rubber gloves, and waders, meanwhile also his gas mask, gets always dirtier and dirtier. Then he begins to cram all of the previously repacked shit into a condom while you can watch his lovely face with its mouthwatering, dried up shit crusts. The result of it is an extreme huge condom full of male scat. After the bulging condom got worshipped, the sleazy rubber shit pig is fucking with a black double dildo deep into his shitty anal canal. At the end of this extreme perverted male scat repacking video production, the dirty scat boy giving himself a hand job till experiencing an orgasm with ultimate satisfaction.

Full Video Length: 01:03:18 hours
File Size: 981 MB


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  1. Thomas (verified owner)

    Incredible deal to get all these vid downloads in the bundle. Skater boy is so handsome, sexy and HUNG, love stroking to his vids, definitely one-of-a-kind talent. And side note, EXCEPTIONAL customer service, so kind and friendly and not to mention, so prompt with a reply.

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