The “Rubber Boat” Bundle 3

284.50 189.95

This HornyKinkyBoy Scat Movie Bundle includes 10 extreme dirty scat videos for only 189.95 EUR instead of 284.50 EUR when buying them as single videos at the regular price. You save 94.55 EUR with this special package!

Banana Shit Eater
A kinky skater fag in white sport socks, basketball shorts, a sexy jockstrap, and a steel cock ring around his massive meat plays in his shit boat with two firm defrosted turds, a huge load of warm shit, and three bananas. He opens this horny scat session with coloring his torso with dark poop, emptying his sexy butt, and fisting his crappy hole. Then he inserts the poop load mixed with banana pieces into his greedy asshole, dumps the body-heated banana shit mush outta his bowels, and starts eating and swallowing almost the entire excrement load. While filling his belly with the fecal food mixture he is gagging a lot but he keeps everything inside his stomach. After dumping the two big turds which got repacked into the twink’s hungry hole earlier, the young pig boy snips his shorts, drinks his hot piss, and experiences a great orgasm.

Full Video Length: 56:20 minutes
File Size: 1.69 GB

Eating and Repacking in Rubber Boat
In this very dirty scat porn video, I’m playing in my dearly beloved rubber shorty and shitting a massive load of my shit into my yellow play boat. Asides from smearing my ass, dick, face, and feet with the brown and pervalicious mass produced by my healthy body, I’m chewing well and eating slowly the whole load of my boy caviar, piece by piece, till my stomach is full of my own shit and the digestive circle can start for the second time. After being sated and feeling great because of having managed to swallow the entire two-days shit load, I’m bringing a feeding bowl full of solid turds into the game. With my repacking toy, I’m filling all turds at once back into my ass and deep up into my colon before bearing a king-sized monster turd. After giving birth to the wonderful shit log, I’m proudly presenting the giant piece of shit to you guys out there and caressing it, making myself even more dirtier with shit and some piss, chilling and relaxing messed up from head to toe while fingering my shitty asshole, and splashing an awesome cum load all over the wonderful turd in the food bowl.

Full Video Length: 01:16:36 hours
File Size: 2.71 GB

Happy Toilet Pig into Feet and Shit Eating
This young pig boy looks very happy while wearing his kinky black latex overall smeared up with lots of shit and being with his toilet chair in his yellow rubber boat. Before he lays underneath the rim chair and starts to feed himself with a farmed shit condom, he pumps his awesome scat cock and worships, massages, and creams his beautiful boy feet with shit. Further he licks the dirty toilet seat with his tongue and eats the ejaculated cum.

Full Video Length: 39:24 minutes
File Size: 1.08 GB

Horny Diaper Skater Gets Dirty and Wet
Cute proll skater twink plays in his yellow dinghy and makes himself filthy and wet. He wears a nappy underneath his sweatpants along with a black tee shirt and black AFO’s with white sport sox. The adult baby skater pisses all over his belly and his black tee, shits into the diaper, eats some of his poop, fucks his hole with a dildo and stuffs anal balls into it, swallows a huge condom with rank boy piss, and shoots his cum load onto the shitty nappy.

Full Video Length: 48:28 minutes
File Size: 1.32 GB

HornyKinkyBoy Eats His Master’s Excrements
HornyKinkyBoy received a package with each a condom filled with shit, cum, and piss and prepared his yellow rubber shit boat so that he can play and get dirty inside while wearing his black latex shirt and kinky rubber waders for his new master who sent him the delicious meal. Greedy and hungry as always, he eats the entire scat condom while thinking of his new excrement donator. Moreover, he swallows his master’s cum, tastes his urine and fucks his shitty fag cunt with a dildo after dumping his own load and smearing himself for getting a nice piggy touch. Many thanks to my master for his tasty feces! 🙂

Full Video Length: 34:26 minutes
File Size: 1.26 GB

Mega Scat Repack and Smear Fun
A young scat pig performs very horny shit repacking and smearing sex with himself and a lot of collected shit in his dirty excrement boat. He fills some of the defrosted poo with his scat repacking toy into his butthole before he shits an awesome looking and extreme fat turd back out into a feeding bowl. The perverted shit boy plays with the previously shitted turd and falls in love with her. He also plays with two different sized dildos to widen his asshole. Then he smears his nice and already dirty face with creamy condom shit while chewing and swallowing it. The kinky rubber fag also loves to involve his sexy boy feet into the sleazy scat play.

Full Video Length: 01:11:49 hours
File Size: 3.73 GB

Repacking Extreme by HornyKinkyBoy
HornyKinkyBoy’s scat stock needs to be decreased and so he is using nine fat turds for this extreme perverted repacking session. He presents the horny shit logs on a white porcelain plate before he dumps a mushy light brown load into his rubber boat. Then he tastes and chews the awesome turds and starts to repack the first half of them with his scat repacking toy into his hungry boy pussy. At the point once his colon is completely filled up, he gives way to pressure and defecates the crap into a bowl and does the same again with the second half of the solid scat sausages. After he emptied his digestive tract the second time into the bowl, the bowl is filled up to the top. Then he starts playing and getting extreme dirty with the bowl full of boy feces, buries his uncut cock in the horny mass, fucks and stirs around, and plunges with his cute and dirty face into the bowl. Now at this level of scat love he is already messed up from head to toe. The next activity on his agenda is some filthy shit fucking action with two different sized vinyl cocks. Before he is shooting his cum and enjoying a heavy orgasm he is repacking his butt again and emptying it with the ass in the height and pissing into his hungry fecal mouth out of this position. It is a really unmissable spectacle, watching the extreme long turd slowly pushing its way deep out of HornyKinkyBoy’s colon.

Full Video Length: 01:25:19 hours
File Size: 4.39 GB

Rubber Boat Fuck Slut Reloaded
This is the reloaded version of Rubber Boat Fuck Slut: HornyKinkyBoy degrades and humiliates himself in his yellow rubber boat as per his master’s commands and instructions. He wanted to see the slutty young boy pig in his black rubber shirt with the yellow name lettering on the back and in his filthy waders again. As commanded by the young fuck fag’s scat master, the gay scat porn shooting starts with fucking his butt full of shit with his favorite dildo. Further there are several very horny poop repacking and colon emptying scenes, wet stuff such as pissing and spitting, smearing and covering in brown boy shit all over and including his armpits and waders, and a heavy orgasm in the messy shit boat at the end.

Full Video Length: 01:23:03 hours
File Size: 3.09 GB

Saved Shit Play in Rubber Boat
HornyKinkyBoy collected his two-weeks shit in condoms and two huge cumshots in another condom for this dirty human shit orgy in his yellow toilet boat. He exposes the nine bulging sausages of his saved shit and the semen condom in a feeding bowl followed by shitting a load of fresh shit from which he ingests the firmer parts. After the shit lunch he pours the old sperm load into his toilet mouth and down his throat. After making his wonderful shit hole ready for scat recycling by punching it with a dildo, the young brown rubber and sweatpants wearing pig slut fills up his colon with the saved poop and dumps the huge, steaming, and smelling turds into the bowl till the bowl is full to the top. In the further course, you can also enjoy some feet and socks fun, much more dildo play, deep colon examination with a colon snake, chewing and eating some of the old recycled mass of brown body waste, and having a heavy ejaculation from this perverted rubber boat scat party.

Full Video Length: 01:25:00 hours
File Size: 2.7 GB


Shorts Ripping and Ass Play in My Crap Boat
A randy skater dude tastes his dick cheese before he enlarges his cock with a crap condom. Then he fucks the warm boy poop with a dildo outta his ass cunt and plugs his hole with a butt plug. While wearing the plug, he sucks on the brown vinyl penis and covers his body in shit. Then he destroys the basketball shorts and dumps his white cum load all over his messy black skate shoes.

Full Video Length: 39:45 minutes
File Size: 1.32 GB



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