Turd Repacking Play in Rubber and Waders


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An attractive, young rubber scat boy enjoys to repack four defrosted turds and two shit tubes into his fecal cunt. The rubber pig stuffs turd for turd into his scat repacking toy and squeezes the stinky boy excrements deep into his hungry asshole and up into his colon. After his rectum is properly stuffed, he dumps giant monster turds as result of the successful repacking. As you can inevitably hear and see, repacking his ass with big amounts of crap gives this pig the ultimative thrill. During the awesome shit repacking session, the young poop lovers’s rubber catsuit, rubber gloves, and waders, meanwhile also his gas mask, gets always dirtier and dirtier. Then he begins to cram all of the previously repacked shit into a condom while you can watch his lovely face with its mouthwatering, dried up shit crusts. The result of it is an extreme huge condom full of male scat. After the bulging condom got worshipped, the sleazy rubber shit pig is fucking with a black double dildo deep into his shitty anal canal. At the end of this extreme perverted male scat repacking video production, the dirty scat boy giving himself a hand job till experiencing an orgasm with ultimate satisfaction.

Full Video Length: 01:03:18 hours
File Size: 981 MB


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