Two Rubber Boys Having Fun with a Dirty End


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HornyKinkyBoy dated a friend to give him an introduction into the brown world of scat and filth. HornyKinkyBoy wears his black rubber shorty with yellow stripes and his play mate wears HornyKinkyBoy’s brown rubber full body suit with yellow double stripes and “PIG“ lettering on the back. In the first two parts, the two lads sucking each others uncut dicks, rimming and eating their sweaty holes, and kissing together. The third part starts with HornyKinkyBoy under the rim chair to enjoy a little shit and some spit and ends with switched roles where HornyKinkyBoy dumps a small portion of his shit into his buddy’s mouth. In the fourth and last part, the two twinks exchanging hot scat kisses and HornyKinkyBoy gets pissed before he dumps his remaining shit into a dog bowl from where his buddy feeds him some poop with his rubber gloves and forces him to eat while pressing his head into the feeding bowl and ending up with a nicely smeared brown and piggy scat face. At the end, he gets pushed into the dog bowl again where he finally shoots his cum load onto the ground of the play area.

Full Video Length: 43:59 minutes
File Size: 1.37 GB


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