White Sport Socks – Extreme Smelly and Heavy Used


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Here you can get an extreme smelly and heavy used pair of HornyKinkyBoy’s socks in size 42-46 (different brands such as Nike and Puma). The socks are extremely worn and in a heavy used condition and have obvious signs of usage (especially at the heel and sole area from wearing them excessively, see pictures). HornyKinkyBoy has worn the individual pairs with his cheesy skater boy feet in his smelly sneaks for several weeks and for gym many times as well before he put them into his “Smelly Sox Collection”.

The pair of socks from the “Smelly Sox Collection”, which will be chosen for you by HornyKinkyBoy, will be “refreshed“ by wearing it again before packing directly from the sweaty feet and steamy sneaks into an airtight bag to keep the horny smell and steam inside.

Please get in touch with us, if you want to get this item in a different size or specification or, if you have any questions or special wishes.

You would like to get this item messed up with HornyKinkyBoy’s excrements such as shit, piss, and cum? If yes, then simply add “Dirty” as option to your order.

All orders will be shipped in a neutral packaging and with a discreet sender’s name.


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