🐰 HornyKinkyBoy Easter Special 2023 🐣 Get 25% OFF on all video downloads 🐷💩

Hey guys,

Since the HornyKinkyBoy Easter scat bunny can’t deliver his brown chocolate shit eggs to all of you in person, he issued a coupon code to get 25% OFF on all video download purchases from our shop:

Your Coupon Code: EASTER2023
(Valid until 15th April 2023)

Have also a look at our other shop categories where we can choose from a huge variety of our unique and very special products such as HornyKinkyBoy’s excrements, underwear, sneaks, socks, toys, and latex gear.

*** FEATURED PRODUCT *** Chain Collar with Padlock ⛓️🔐
This Chain Collar with Padlock is exclusively made by HornyKinkyBoy for his valued customers and fans:

You can choose from different chain sizes and add one or multiple padlocks / chain connectors to your chain. If you wish different padlocks / chain connectors which are not available yet, please contact us and we are extending our offering and make your wish come true 🤎

Follow @KinkyScatBoy on Twitter to be always up to date.

Kinky greetings from HornyKinkyBoy and Happy Easter 😊

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