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Box Full With Cow Shit And Boy Shit For ScatFFotze

HornyKinkyBoy recorded another very sleazy gay scat and cow slurry movie and made this short video in between to show you the preparation of a 3.7 liter box full of excrements ordered by ScatFFotze previously. HornyKinkyBoy in his slurried up rubber boots and rubber shirt stuffed two condoms with cow slurry, filled some of the cow manure into the box, added the two bulging cow shit condoms into the box, and as a very perverted extra he added one very fat condom containing a huge amount of his more than six weeks old shit and one smaller condom with shit containing remains of poppyseed and peas into the box. Bon appétit, ScatFFotze!

Full Video Length: 08:50 minutes


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