A Young Rubber Boy’s Fecal Paradise


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HornyKinkyBoy makes himself to an extreme dirty rubber sewer for lots of cum, shit, piss, snot, slime, and puke. Wearing rubber gear (a rubber shorty, a rubber chest harness, a pair of rubber boots, a pair of PVC gloves, a rubber hood, and a gas mask) while playing with all types of human excrements gives him the ultimate feeling being a sewer pig without limits. The young rubber pig starts his journey into the fecal paradise with some cum play. He sucks 4 well-filled condoms with his tasty cum, swallows 2 condoms, puts 2 condoms into and onto his rubbered ass, and cleans the playground with his tongue from the slopped cum. After the appetizer is swallowed he puts on his rubber boots and starts with smeary and stinky scat play in combination with some piss, slime, and snot. The young fecal pig shits a two-days load, smears it all over his sexy face, his big uncut dick, and his rubber gear before he puts a latex mask on his shitty face and smears his sexy body under the rubber shorty. What an incredible feeling being shit covered inside and outside of the sweaty rubber suit! But thats not enough for the pig because he covers the hood with a thick shit layer and puts a gas mask thereover which gets messed up with lots of smelly boy shit immediately. The shit aroma inside the two masks is unbelievable horny! After some time he rubber toilet boy removes the shitty masks and starts with some tries to make himself puke. The puked slime gets smeared oll over the young scat pigs brown face and rubber and into his hungry slut. During the hole session HornyKinkyBoy always shows lots of ass and dick play, shit chewing and eating, and massive scat smearing. Last but not least the horny and totally messed up fecal lover cumming onto his red PVC gloves and smears his hot cream into his face.

Full Video Length: 01:22:10 hours
File Size: 1.2 GB


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