Banana Shit Eater


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A kinky skater fag in white sport socks, basketball shorts, a sexy jockstrap, and a steel cock ring around his massive meat plays in his shit boat with two firm defrosted turds, a huge load of warm shit, and three bananas. He opens this horny scat session with coloring his torso with dark poop, emptying his sexy butt, and fisting his crappy hole. Then he inserts the poop load mixed with banana pieces into his greedy asshole, dumps the body-heated banana shit mush outta his bowels, and starts eating and swallowing almost the entire excrement load. While filling his belly with the fecal food mixture he is gagging a lot but he keeps everything inside his stomach. After dumping the two big turds which got repacked into the twink’s hungry hole earlier, the young pig boy snips his shorts, drinks his hot piss, and experiences a great orgasm.

Full Video Length: 56:20 minutes
File Size: 1.69 GB


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