Body Waste Amusement


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A young male with a naked torso, white pants, white socks, and dirty shoes has some kinky and very wet pissing fun on an air mattress in the tub. He shits a heavy load of very disgusting poop containing undigested mushrooms into his white shorts. He puts some pieces into his mouth and chews and swallows it. Then he starts pissing all over his sexy body and directly into his thirsty mouth while he is fucking his arsehole with a dildo. On top of that, he stuffs one of the sport socks into his mouth, sniffs the horny smell of the sneaker he took off, and shows you one of his beautiful boy feet. In the last scene and after experiencing a great orgasm, the dirty slut boy is washing off the dirt from his hot body and bathing in brown sewage water.

Full Video Length: 40:31 minutes
File Size: 1.05 GB


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