Excrement Mixture in a Condom

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Here you can an excrement mixture in a condom which contains the leftovers (shit, piss, spit, cum,…) of one of HornyKinkyBoy’s kinky scat sessions or video shootings. The condom gets delivered in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag to avoid that any fluid or smell escapes. For additional safety, the vacuum-sealed plastic bag gets wrapped in a plastic rubbish bag.

Cooling Packaging: You may select this option which includes a 100% recyclable and non-odorous fleece bag and 2 cooling elements which keeps the contents cool for approx. 2-3 days.

Premium Plastic Box: You may select this option to replace the vacuum-sealed plastic bag through a high quality plastic box to avoid that any fluid or smell escapes.

This product is stocked in the freezer to make it durable. If you like the product in unfrozen condition, please contact us to check the availability. Depending on demand, it may delay the delivery for a certain time. Please note, that the regular price applies for the unfrozen condition, not the sales price!

All orders will be shipped in a neutral packaging and with a discreet sender’s name.

2 reviews for Excrement Mixture in a Condom

  1. Alex Smith

    Lovely fresh quality ate every single bit yum yum tastes even better of you mix it with fresh piss and shit to it. Lovely and moist. Mmm this is even better then the one with just piss.

  2. mark hughes

    really fresh tasty proper smelly shit!!

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