Farm Sex at Home with a Bucket of Horse Dung


This is the full length and downloadable version of “Farm Sex at Home with a Bucket of Horse Dung” in HD quality!

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A young rubber slurry boy gets dirty with a load of his human scat and a bucket of animal shit. The manure pig is fucking his dirty arsehole with a dildo, smearing and covering himself in his horny rubber boots, rubber chaps, rubber hood, and rubber collar with scat and manure all over, squeezing the liquid manure with his hands out of the horse shit and let it flow over his partially naked and partially geared up body, stuffing some animal scat into one of the wellies, stepping and wading with the messy gum boots and the bare foot on the dung hill, and licking the ejaculated cum from the slurry boot. The previously listened activities are only a few. Enjoy the full length video and surprise yourself of the whole kink contained in this gay scat and animal manure movie.

Full Video Length: 01:08:50 hours
File Size: 3.21 GB


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