HornyKinkyBoy, the Turd Recycler


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In this video HornyKinkyBoy gives you an insight into his shit recycling procedure. On today’s poop recycling agenda are nine big turds, four shit filled condoms, and one fresh dumped load of shit. The first recycling step is to present the brown mass to be recycled. The turds are nicely arranged on a white porcelain plate and the condoms are presented in a metal bowl. After the presentation one of the condoms serves as penis extension, the hole gets emptied, and the warm shit gets tasted and smeared. The second recycling step is to repack the first half of the turds back into the colon followed by dumping them into the bowl and repacking the second half of the turds and keeping them inside his body while he empties one condom into his wide open mouth and onto his chest for smearing it all over his rubber shorty. Once being heavily messed up its time to add the second part of the repacked turds into the bowl. The third recycling step is to push his face deep into the overwhelming amount of repacked shit pooped into the bowl. Right after his face enjoyed the sleazy scat his big and uncut dick fucks into the excrement heap and gets a thick shit coating. The fourth recycling step is to pump all the available shit including the unspent condoms with the repacker into a huge condom, smearing his rubber catsuit, his beautiful feet, and all other body parts with the remaining feces before he adds his hot cum into the enormous and fat poop condom which has been ordered by a hungry toilet slave who added HornyKinkyBoy’s tasty shit on the menu during his shit diet which was strongly recommended to him by his master.

Full Video Length: 01:20:08 hours
File Size: 1.82 GB


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