Horse Manure Adventure Reloaded

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This is the full length and downloadable version of “Horse Manure Adventure Reloaded” in HD quality!

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This is the reloaded version of Horse Manure Adventure: Dressed up with his favorite manure gear again, HornyKinkyBoy is further exploring the filthy world of horse dung. At the beginning, he swallows a small condom with collected boy shit and covers his skinny body with warm and mush shit fresh from his hot hole. Once the brown and sleazy ground coat is applied all over his sexy body, the farm sex session with ten kilograms horse shit may begin. The young slurry boy gets covered in horse poop, chews horse droppings, fucks the manure heap with his uncut cock, pisses and spits into the manure, fucks his ass with a double dildo, makes a little nap in the dung, and has a wonderful and satisfying cumshot with lots of white cream squirted onto his black waders.

Full Video Length: 54:05 minutes
File Size: 3.24 GB

1 review for Horse Manure Adventure Reloaded

  1. HKB Fan (verified owner)

    Ein Super geiles Video! Was Kevin mit Pferdemist anstellt ist unglaublich! Ihm merkt man die totale
    Lust an versauten Spielen an, was für den Betrachter das absolute geilste Vergnügen ist.
    Wer auf extreme Schweinereien steht kommt hier voll auf seine Kosten!! Kevin ist der
    geborene Horny Kinky Boy!!!

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