Horse Manure Adventure

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HornyKinkyBoy is exploring the filthy world of horse manure for the first time. Dressed up with his slurry gear (rubber waders, rubber gloves, and a rubber chest harness) he is ready for getting extremely filthy. The first part of this perverted gay scat and slurry movie is dedicated to all kinds of human excrements. He is swallowing a condom containing two big cumshots from the days before and getting a little foretaste of the soft shit waiting in his stinky ass before dumping a huge load of creamy shit. While getting always dirtier and dirtier he is pissing onto his belly and his chest, smearing, shit wanking, and showing his smeary brown and wide open rosebud hole. The second part of this extreme gay shit and manure video is dedicated to two kilograms of farmed horse shit. Covering his shaved and slim body with manure, wanking his uncut dick with slurry, sitting with his blank ass in horse shit and riding on it like on a manure heap, pressing his face into the slurry, liquefying the manure with piss, squeezing lots of liquid manure out of the horse shit and let it run all over his sexy body and his awesome dick, fucking the manure pile, and having a great cumshot and orgasm caused by manure. HornyKinkyBoy’s first horse manure adventure was unbelievable and he got addicted from it. Now he is also a horny slurry pig!

Full Video Length: 51:01 minutes
File Size: 791 MB

2 reviews for Horse Manure Adventure

  1. Chris Borchert (verified owner)

    Wow. Nicht mehr, nicht weniger. Wow.

  2. anon

    hot :3

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