Rubber Shorty – Black with Red Stripes


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HornyKinkyBoy’s rubber shorty (black with red stripes) in a mixed size of XS/S/M (for suiting my body type but not too tight, more loose) with a latex thickness of 0.60 mm. The rubber shorty has a zip from the neck at the front to the waist at the back. The zip has three sliders (3-way zip). Additionally, it also has a standing collar attached. The rubber shorty is well worn and the latex is already quite soft as it has been used in many video shootings already. The standing collar has been replaced because it sticked together a little and began to dissolve due to age and the of use along with excrements (same for the zip as you can read below). So the rubber shorty is a great souvenir/trophy from HornyKinkyBoy which you may know from the movies which you can watch while you have the rubber shorty with you to have fun with it. My idea for a nice use case: Just order it dirty, mess it up further, and store it for the next session to use it again as cum or shit dump 😛

Please note, that the zip is coming off the rubber shorty and needs to be glued. So you would need a little craftsmanship skill to fix it or just use as mentioned above. Feel free to contact us to request pictures of the current condition.

Please get in touch with us, if you want to get this item in a different size or specification or, if you have any questions or special wishes.

You would like to get this item messed up with HornyKinkyBoy’s excrements such as shit, piss, and cum? If yes, then simply add “Dirty” as option to your order.

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