Skater Shit Romance


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Dirty skater chav wears a black tracksuit, yellow satin boxer shorts, and black sneakers on his bare feet while he plays with a bowl filled with 3 solid turds and 3 bulging shit condoms in his horny rubber boat. His smooth hole gets fucked and emptied with a dildo, the turds gets repacked into his hole, the condoms are used to wank and make a big mess, the smelly shoes gets sniffed, and the big feet’s smooth soles and toes gets showed off. In the further course, the once again dumped fat turd of refilled poop in the bowl comes into the focus and gets licked and loved by the scally crap lover. The scat romance ends with a massive ejaculation on one of the dirty trainers and a lot of satisfaction.

Full Video Length: 01:16:14 hours
File Size: 3.02 GB


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