The “Rubber Boat” Bundle 2


This HornyKinkyBoy Scat Movie Bundle includes 10 extreme dirty scat videos for only 199.95 EUR instead of 299.50 EUR when buying them as single videos at the regular price. You save 99.55 EUR with this special package!

Cow Shit Dreams
In this cow slurry and male scat video production, HornyKinkyBoy’s deepest and filthiest cow shit dreams coming true. He starts the slurry scat session with making love with three bulging condoms full of his saved boy shit and a farmed turd before he draws his attention to the black bucket full of sleazy cow shit. He wanks his uncut dick with that incredible horny mass, adds some hot boy piss and a load of warm boy shit into the bucket, stuffs all the available man scat with his repacking toy into his sewer hole before dumping it back into the cow manure bucket in which everything gets kneaded and mixed to a perverted slurry mixture with his sleazy rubber gloves. HornyKinkyBoy is also repacking some cow shit into his piggish asshole, pressing his cute face into the cow shit bin before he puts on a gas mask for diving with his head deeper and deeper into the manure tub. After he finished his slurry dive he removes his rubber boots and bathes his bare feet in the slurry pot, puts on the rubber boots again after they got filled with manure, and smears his sexy body and his kinky rubber gear with slurry completely. Before HornyKinkyBoy’s cow slurry dream comes to its end, he is fucking the rubber boat’s ground which is full with cow shit till having a great orgasm.

Full Video Length: 01:29:15 hours
File Size: 1.6 GB

Dick Pump Session in Rubber and Waders
Kevin loves to play with his smelly sneaks and white socks while having his big and uncut dick under vacuum in one of his penis extension tubes and being in his yellow rubber boat. He also enjoys every minute of sniffing and licking his horny waders and showing you his impressive boy feet, his pink boy pussy, and his pumped meat. Kevin finishes his pumping session with a great cumshot all over his waders. This cock pumping video also includes a hot scene where he pumps his cock together with water in the pump cylinder and several close up scenes while having his pumped dick in the penis pump tube.

Full Video Length: 41:24 minutes
File Size: 789 MB

Dirty Boy Gets Abused with Shit and Manure
HornyKinkyBoy organised a kinky boy scat and manure party with a dominant mate in his yellow rubber shit boat. In the first chapter, HornyKinkyBoy gets fed with shit stored in a condom and the scat master’s heavy rubber gloves gets deeply buried into his throat until he is gagging and spitting brown slime. Then he gets forced to suck his mate’s dick with his shit covered face and gets shit fucked into his ass full of boy scat. In the second chapter, HornyKinkyBoy puts on his brown rubber hood and his shit master empties a box with cow shit and distributes it all over his body, fucks the submissive pig boy’s shit with a dildo out of his butthole, humiliates him further by forcing him to suck off the cow shit from his dirty waders, and changes his pretty shit covered face to a cum slut.

Full Video Length: 25:08 minutes
File Size: 506 MB

HornyKinkyBoy, the Turd Recycler
In this video HornyKinkyBoy gives you an insight into his shit recycling procedure. On today’s poop recycling agenda are nine big turds, four shit filled condoms, and one fresh dumped load of shit. The first recycling step is to present the brown mass to be recycled. The turds are nicely arranged on a white porcelain plate and the condoms are presented in a metal bowl. After the presentation one of the condoms serves as penis extension, the hole gets emptied, and the warm shit gets tasted and smeared. The second recycling step is to repack the first half of the turds back into the colon followed by dumping them into the bowl and repacking the second half of the turds and keeping them inside his body while he empties one condom into his wide open mouth and onto his chest for smearing it all over his rubber shorty. Once being heavily messed up its time to add the second part of the repacked turds into the bowl. The third recycling step is to push his face deep into the overwhelming amount of repacked shit pooped into the bowl. Right after his face enjoyed the sleazy scat his big and uncut dick fucks into the excrement heap and gets a thick shit coating. The fourth recycling step is to pump all the available shit including the unspent condoms with the repacker into a huge condom, smearing his rubber catsuit, his beautiful feet, and all other body parts with the remaining feces before he adds his hot cum into the enormous and fat poop condom which has been ordered by a hungry toilet slave who added HornyKinkyBoy’s tasty shit on the menu during his shit diet which was strongly recommended to him by his master.

Full Video Length: 01:20:08 hours
File Size: 1.82 GB

Horse Shit Dreams
In this horse slurry and male scat video production, HornyKinkyBoy’s deepest and filthiest horse shit dreams coming true. He opens the farm scat session with some foot fetish and dick play during which his feet and his dick gets covered with horse apples followed by putting on his kinky rubber boots and pushing a boy shit load into the kink bucket. Then he fucks and penetrates his pig hole with a black double dildo, presses his face into the fecal bucket, adds a bottle of saved boy piss into the manure tub, kneads and mixes everything to a sleazy excrement mixture, squeezes as much as possible of dark liquid manure out of the horse dung, and rubbing and bathing his hole body in the slurried up rubber boat before he gets rid of his hot cum load.

Full Video Length: 01:06:09 hours
File Size: 1.2 GB

Messy Rubber Boat Scat Cruise Reloaded
This is the reloaded version of “Messy Rubber Boat Scat Cruise“ which is more extreme, more dirtier, and more perverted than the origin one. The young scat pig reaps the aged dick cheese under his foreskin and presents eleven defrosted turds on a white plate which he repacks into his ass and up into his colon. After being repacked and full to bursting point he shits enormous turds which have the length of his underarm including his hand. He repacks and empties his sewer hole again and again, fucks with his uncut dick into the huge pile of shit on the plate, forms a massive bulge of poop around his dick and balls, does some nasty scat feet play with his incredible horny feet, fucks his hungry asshole with a long and thick black dong, and fills all the available boy scat into a condom for using it for further filthy fun. At the end of the about two hours long rubber boat scat cruise the young poop pig is totally messed up with shit which has already dried up and crusted on his slim and sexy body’s skin and on his piggish latex shirt and is totally satisfied after having multiple orgasms and cumshots during the kink session in his yellow rubber boat.

Full Video Length: 01:48:54 hours
File Size: 2 GB

Nappy Shit Skater
Happy nappy twink in sports gear loves nothing more than playing with his horny excrements and his beautiful skater feet in his yellow shit boat. He sniffs his smelly shoes, pukes some throat slime onto his hoody and his sweatpants, dumps a huge load into his diaper, and fucks his dirty butthole with a dildo. You will also see this kinky skater fag eating shit and drinking piss as part of his self-humiliation and doing a lot of shit smearing and very hot scat foot fetish stuff.

Full Video Length: 01:09:02 hours
File Size: 1.06 GB

Nasty Nappy Pooper
Young diaper boy wearing sneaks and socks only playing with a shit filled condom in his yellow rubber boat. After making himself extremely horny he dumps his load into his nappy and smears his slim and smooth body with smelly poop. During his dirty scat play he enjoys one of his dildos and makes himself cum two times.

Full Video Length: 34:41 minutes
File Size: 694 MB

Rubber Boat Fuck Slut
Young scat fucker degrades himself to a perverted pig slave in his dirty rubber boat. His master wanted to see him in his black latex shirt with the yellow PIG lettering on the back and in his kinky waders and instructed him to fuck his full ass with a dildo and to suck and clean the messed up dildo with his tongue. Apart of the incredible hot dildo scat fuck action within the hole scat movie the handsome pig boy is tasting and eating some of the shit he collected for this session in condoms, repacking his fucked up hole, smearing himself including his clean-shaven armpits with as much shit as available and let it dry on his gear and skin, licking and sucking shit from his dirty waders and from his fingers, relaxing in the messy scat boat, and enjoying the awesome feeling being covered in smelly shit all over.

Full Video Length: 01:35:16 hours
File Size: 1.96 GB

Young Pig Gets Dirty in His Shit Boat
This twink loves to play dirty and wet games in his yellow shit boat. He is playing with his awesome boy feet, fucking his ass pussy with a dildo, repacking, smearing, having kinky enema and wet farting fun, pissing, and ripping the dirty and wet sports gear from his slim body till he is wearing a rubber shirt and gas mask only. After some kinky fun he makes himself cum while rubbing his dick against his shitty pig feet.

Full Video Length: 01:13:31 hours
File Size: 1.47 GB



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