Ultimate Shit Pig


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This male scat porn movie is about a slim white boy wearing a horny gas mask and a steel cock ring around his heavy uncut meat between his slightly hairy legs. He starts his dirty play clean and ends up totally messed up with tons of crap sticking on his beautiful body. In the very first scene, he performs an awesome shit with his mouth-watering ass in the height. The result is an enormous and delicious-looking turd. After his butthole get emptied, he turns his attention to a big box full of collected boy poop. He fucks with his huge dick into the box, smears the shit on his body, and repacks the the hole content of the box into his colon. He does this twice till all the saved shit from the box has been recycled from the box through his ass and colon back out and smeared all over himself and the playground. The third and last recycling round is with a light brown poop condom, the previously dumped shit log, and some of the dark brown shit remains which are still around. Now, every piece of shit has been filled into his rectum and dumped back out. For the last scene, he covers his sexy and trained body with a very thick layer of his box excrements which ends up with a great orgasm and cumshot. As the title already betrayed, the young scat boy lives out his depraved fantasies and makes himself to an ultimate shit pig.

Full Video Length: 01:15:22 hours
File Size: 3.5 GB


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