Young Rubber Skater Boy into Human Excrements


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HornyKinkyBoy obviously loves to play and get dirty with a kinky variety of his excrements such as white milk puke freshly vomitted out of his stomach, a condom with collected cumshots, two condoms full of boy shit, fresh piss and shit produced by his healthy body, lots of spit with shit and puke flavor, and last but not least a fresh load of cum from his massive balls. He wears his horny rubber surf suit combined with baggy pants and skater sneaks, industrial rubber gloves, satin boxer shorts, and white sport socks. The mess starts with a long and very horny vomit scene. Next he swallows the collected cum and fucks his full ass with a dildo. Then he trains his hole with a fat dildo and his fist before he fills all the fresh and saved poop with his repacking toy deep into his colon. In this video is much more filthy action to discover, so simply watch and enjoy!

Full Video Length: 01:15:32 hours
File Size: 3.52 GB


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