Dirty Boy Gets Abused with Shit and Manure


This is the full length and downloadable version of “Dirty Boy Gets Abused with Shit and Manure” in HD quality!

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HornyKinkyBoy organised a kinky boy scat and manure party with a dominant mate in his yellow rubber shit boat. In the first chapter, HornyKinkyBoy gets fed with shit stored in a condom and the scat master’s heavy rubber gloves gets deeply buried into his throat until he is gagging and spitting brown slime. Then he gets forced to suck his mate’s dick with his shit covered face and gets shit fucked into his ass full of boy scat. In the second chapter, HornyKinkyBoy puts on his brown rubber hood and his shit master empties a box with cow shit and distributes it all over his body, fucks the submissive pig boy’s shit with a dildo out of his butthole, humiliates him further by forcing him to suck off the cow shit from his dirty waders, and changes his pretty shit covered face to a cum slut.

Full Video Length: 25:08 minutes
File Size: 506 MB


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